Logitech Powershell Controller

You know by now that your phone is way more than just a phone — in fact that may be the thing you use it for the least — whether you're using it to keep up with Fantasy, message friends, manage your schedule, or pass the time playing games. But when it comes to the latter, it could always be better, and with the Logitech Powershell Controller ($100), it can be. It takes your phone, which is already a pretty good gaming device in its own right, and upgrades it, adding a directional pad, button cluster, and shoulder triggers so you don't have to sit there poking at a multitouch screen. And with a built-in battery, it also charges your phone while you play, so you won't have to worry about it dying in case you need to actually take a call.

  • Gramophone for iPhone & iPad

    Most speakers built for the iPhone and iPad involve some sort of electronics. The Gramophone for iPhone & iPad ($200-$300) does its work naturally. Simply set your device in the handcrafted, solid wood base, and the built-in iron and brass horn will amplify its volume by three to four times, all while looking amazing. A terrific blend of old and new.

  • Pencil

    In an ongoing attempt to make drawing and painting on an iPad more like its real-life equivalent, the guys who brought us Paper have introduced their take on the artist's stylus, the Pencil ($50-$60). Available in either graphite or walnut, and inspired by the shape of a carpenter's pencil, this stylus sports a range of features that let you create digital art more easily. Palm rejection makes sure that Paper doesn't pick up the presence of your hand while you work, while the built-in eraser lets you simply remove mistakes. Bluetooth connectivity, a month of battery power, and a highly sensitive tip make it wonderful to work with every time.

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