Lomography Petzval Lens

In the 19th century, the majority of photos were shot with an extremely popular lens called the Petzval. Photos using this lens were known for their crispness, strong color saturation, terrific swirly bokeh effect, artful vignettes, and narrow depth of field. Those same qualities are front and center for a new generation of photogs now, thanks to the Lomography Petzval Lens ($500). The reimagined gem will work with Canon EF and Nikon F mount cameras and might just be your new favorite portrait lens.

  • Lomography Konstruktor DIY Camera Kit

    Call us luddites if you want, but we appreciate few things more than completely disconnecting and doing something with our hands. The Lomography Konstruktor DIY Camera Kit ($35) contains everything you need to build a fully-functional 35mm camera (yes that precludes posting to Instagram) from scratch, combining our passion for the maker mentality with our love for photography. In only about thirty minutes, you can build your own plastic analog camera, customize it with decals, load it with film, and start shooting. Then all you need to do is find somewhere that actually still processes the stuff.

  • Hasselblad Lunar Camera

    The name Hasselblad has inspired lust among professional photographers for decades, and for good reason — it's synonymous with quality, from large-format cameras to studio DSLRs. The Hasselblad Lunar Camera ($7,000), pays tribute to the 500C of 1957, the first camera ever in space. The 24 megapixel CMOS sensor, lenses, and other innards are all Swedish, while the exterior sports an Italian design and luxury materials (mahogany, leather, even gold). Advanced image stabilization keeps your photos clear in situations that typically call for a tripod. It comes standard with an 18-55mm focal-range lens (short- and long-range lenses are also available).

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