Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner

Used to be scanning in film required either a flatbed scanner with a special compartment inside or a standalone scanner — neither of which were particularly cheap. Soon you'll be able to do it with nothing but your phone and the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner ($50). This portable device uses your smartphone's built-in camera and an included app to take high-resolution scans of nearly any kind of 35mm film, including color negative, color slide, and black and white films, as well as longer panoramic shots and analog movies.

  • HAL 9000

    Well, it doesn't come with the Discovery One, but this HAL 9000 ($500) is the closest you'll come to that ship's charismatic AI controller. Based on actual studio blueprints, this incredibly detailed, hand-assembled replica features a custom-ground fish-eye lens with a sticker to replicate the writing on the original Nikkor lens, a red LED eye, the ability to speak one of 15 movie quotes, the ability to respond to voices, the ability to respond to IR commands, and aircraft-grade aluminum construction.

  • LaCie Blade Runner Hard Drive

    No, the LaCie Blade Runner Hard Drive ($300) doesn't come emblazoned with graphics from Ridley Scott's sci-fi classic. Instead, this limited edition hard drive's Philippe Starck design, which features an anthropomorphic metal interior and a cage-like shell, attempts to mirror the combination of human and machine discussed in the movie. Of course, computer peripherals generally need to do more than just look cool, and as such it also features 4TB of storage and a speedy USB 3.0 interface. Limited to just 9,999 worldwide.

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