Few products that are truly useful in the great outdoors also offer utility back at home — but Looprope ($20-$50) is one of the happy exceptions. Made from 1/4" heavy duty shock cord, this flexible cargo tie down system features multiple built-in flexible attachment points, letting you use it for everything from securing cargo to hanging lights, supplies, or pretty much anything else you can think of. Each rope also comes with two stainless steel carabiners for securing the rope itself, and holds up just fine in a washing machine — letting you use it for even the dirtiest of jobs without hesitation.

  • Safari Tent

    Just because you're sleeping outdoors doesn't mean you have to live like some kind of wild animal — step up your campground game and become king of the wilderness in this gigantic Safari Tent ($2,000). At ten feet by twelve feet, this tent is so big you may never miss the comforts of home. You'll have plenty of space for your inflatable mattress, all the gear you could ever need, and even a few (or eight) of your closest friends. With a nylon cordura outer skin and an aluminum inner frame, it can handle nearly anything mother nature throws at it, while the massive interior space will let you stand up while you wait out the storm.

  • Stanley Adventure eCycle Flask

    There's nothing quite like a nip of the good stuff to keep off the cold during a long Fall hike or run down the bunny hills — and there's no better way to discreetly stow it than the Stanley Adventure eCycle Flask ($20). It's leak proof, so you never have to worry about waste, or spilling on your expensive outdoor gear. A two-stage lid makes cleaning and filling a breeze, while still making it easy to take a quick pull. And with a 12-ounce capacity, you can forget about running out at inopportune times (like getting stuck on a chair lift).

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