Loupedeck Lightroom Editing Console

Adobe Lightroom's labyrinth of controls is widely known, and widely accepted as just part of the price you pay for such powerful software. No more. The Loupedeck Lightroom Editing Console gives you physical, real-world controls for your most common adjustments. Rotary knobs for things like exposure, white balance, and saturation are present, as are a number of dedicated buttons for tasks like undo, redo, flag, quick zoom, and navigation. The keyboard-sized device is finished off with an oversized dial for rotating and cropping, scrolling surfaces for controlling individual color channels or presets, and a matte black and silver design that will look great on your desk.

  • Google Jamboard

    Google's G Suite of online tools like Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Drive are designed with collaboration in mind. Yet there's one central point of office collaboration they have yet to touch: the whiteboard. The Google Jamboard is meant to fix this. A 55-inch 4K touchscreen, it links up a companion app running on iOS or Android, letting co-workers see a real-time feed of the board and add their own notes, doodles, and photos. You interact with the board using a passive stylus or your hand, it can change your writing into searchable text and straighten out your shapes and symbols automatically, and everything gets saved up to Google Drive, so Dave from accounting has no excuse when he claims not to remember what you talked about at the last meeting.

  • Gryphon WiFi Router

    It's not the first router to offer parental controls, but the Gryphon WiFi Router is one of the first designed with that goal in mind. Created by the guys behind the MiFi portable hotspot, it connects to an app that lets you easily set screen time limits, pause access altogether, view browsing history, make a safelist of approved sites, and even approve new requests in real-time. It also has advanced built-in security, with intrusion detection that recognizes attacks and immediately quarantines the target device and also checks for malware. And since none of these features are any good unless you actually want to use them, it has a powerful tri-band setup with beam forming and MU-MIMO technology, mesh networking for easy expansion, and a unique curved design that places the antennas for optimal performance.

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