Love Hulten Astovox Hi-Fi System

Known for his intriguing retro-futuristic gaming and computer designs, Love Hulton is now bringing his talents to bear on the audio world. The Love Hulten Astovox Hi-Fi System hides its Pioneer-sourced 6.75-inch drivers inside handmade African Mahogany cubes finished with brushed aluminum front panels. They're powered by a 2x50W amplifier housed in a matching case, with simple tone controls to adjust the sound and both Bluetooth and 3.5mm inputs. Limited to just 100 signed and numbered units.

  • Elbow Cassette Tape Player

    Iconic as the cassette itself has become, most portable players obscured their contents inside plastic housings. The Elbow Cassette Tape Player is different. Simultaneously stripped down and innovative, this concept uses a single pulley to drive the tape and an optical sensor to track the speed. Combined with the bi-axial arm and control wheel, that means it's incredibly small and leaves most of the cassette exposed for your visual enjoyment. Audio is output via a standard 3.5mm headphone plug. The device recharges via mini-USB, a port that doubles as a way to transfer audio to a computer, and a small pin on the back lets you attach it to clothes and bags.

  • Geneva Touring S DAB Radio

    Built to deliver outstanding sound in a surprisingly small package, the Geneva Touring S DAB Radio is a powerful portable audio solution. In addition to its FM-RDS/DAB/DAB+ digital tuner, it also has Bluetooth and a line-in jack for connecting other audio sources. The rechargeable lithium battery lasts for over 20 hours per charge, the LED display is easy to read in any condition, and at nearly three pounds, its built quality is virtually unmatched. Available in black, red, or cognac.

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