Luci Cigarette

Luci Cigarette

If you're trying to ween yourself off nicotine, or simply enjoy smoking but don't enjoy the harmful (and potentially deadly) side effects, check out the Luci Cigarette ($150). This ingenious cigarette-shaped device uses three pieces — a circular, rechargeable lithium ion battery, an atomization chamber, and a flavor cartridge — to deliver a cigarette-like smoking experience without the smoke, sensing when you inhale, lighting the tip-mounted LED and vaporizing the flavoring solution (available with or without nicotine) to deliver a puff of flavor that's free from harmful toxins.

  • Zippo Blu Lighter

    After 75 years, the classic Zippo is finally getting an upgrade. The Zippo Blu Lighter ($33-$59) is a blue flame butane torch lighter that sports a great new profile but retains the trademark flint-wheel. Targeted at cigar smokers, the Blu lighter doesn't emit the odor or aftertaste caused by lighter fluid. A whole new family is available — from the basic brushed chrome to 18-karat gold plated. They're made in the USA and have a lifetime guarantee. As expected, our test unit performed flawlessly and now goes everywhere we do.

  • Zero Halliburton Cigar Cases

    Tote your stoges like a mob errand boy with one of these Zero Halliburton Cigar Cases ($300-$500). Available in two sizes and three colors, the cases feature a stacking tray system that holds 30 large cigars and feature a Digital hygrometer and Paradigm Humidification System with anti-fungal sponge. The classic anodized aluminum exterior and rotary combination lock finish things off.

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