Lumir C Candle-Powered LED Lamp

Yes, we know — technically, the candle is going to put off light on its own. But there's a big difference between the luminance of a votive and the light sources inside the Lumir C Candle-Powered LED Lamp. This highly-portable light uses the heat energy from small candles to power an LED light, giving you a reliable source of light no matter where you are. It's available in two varieties: Mood, which uses an array of four LEDs and a diffuser for ambient light, and Spot, which has a single, aimable LED for tasks like reading or working.

  • Ario Smart Lamp

    Our bodies used to stay in sync with nature, waking and sleeping in accordance with the sun. But we don't live outside anymore. The Ario Smart Lamp automatically adjusts both its color and direction throughout the day, mimicking natural light to help restore your circadian rhythm and improve both your health and productivity. It uses a Wi-Fi connection to choose optimal lighting based on the day, season, and local weather patterns, while also adjusting to your own personalized schedule, and its LEDs ensure that it will last for years to come.

    Presented by Ario.

  • Normann Copenhagen Acrobat Lamp

    Finding an ideal table lamp normally comes down to two things: its looks, and its light placement. The Normann Copenhagen Acrobat Lamp does well on both counts. Created by French designer Marc Venot, it uses a magnetic connection to the base to let you place the light where you want it, from a downward-facing ambient pose to a more upright, direct stance. Its minimal design is both passive and curious, and it's available in four different shades to match your decor.

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