Lytro Camera

And you thought your DSLR was advanced. The Lytro Camera ($400-$500) is an all-new type of shooter called a Light Field Camera that captures the color, intensity and vector direction of the rays of light — 11 million of them, in the case of the Lytro — and then uses powerful software to substitute for the internal pieces of regular cameras and also add incredible new capabilities, like the ability to focus the photo after you've taken it. Yeah, that's what we said. [Scouted by Ryan & Alex]

  • JVC GC-PX10 Hybrid Camera

    And you thought the line between still and video cameras was already blurred. The JVC GC-PX10 Hybrid Camera ($900) aims to stir the imaging pot further with its unique design that merges aspects of a point-and-shoot and a digital camcorder, 12-megapixel backlit CMOS sensor, 32GB of internal storage with SD expansion slot, tiltable 3-inch touch panel LCD display, Konica Minolta 10x optical zoom lens, dedicated mode dial, Falconbird imaging engine, 60fps 8.3-megapixel still capture, and 1080/60p, 300fps slow-mo and time-lapse video recording modes. It looks a little unwieldy, but since it's taking the place of two items in our gadget bags, we'll let it slide.

  • Lensbaby Movie Maker's Kit

    Are your indie film aspirations being held back by your DSLR's lack of videographic variety? Let the Lensbaby Movie Maker's Kit ($2,900) help add some much-needed spice to your shoots. The kit includes a variety of the lens house's most popular optics in mounts for both PL mount cameras and Canon DSLRs, along with a wide variety of interchangeable optics and accessories for a nearly infinite number of naturally-obtained effects. Not convinced? We'll let the video do the talking. [via]

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