MacKenzie Walker Golf Bags

MacKenzie Walker Golf Bags

One of the best things about the game of golf is the cocktail waitresses its traditions, and that includes old-school equipment. MacKenzie Walker Golf Bags ($675-$735) are a great, if expensive, example. Handcrafted in Portland using the best full grain leather, components, stainless steel, and brass hardware available, these walking bags are "traditional" in every sense of the word, whether they're holding a modern titanium driver or a 5-wood made out of, well, wood. [Thanks, Rabel]

  • Head Youtek Prestige Pro

    Expanding on the company's tour-ready series of Prestige racquets, the Head Youtek Prestige Pro ($200-$225) is at your command. The Pro is based around d3o, a "smart material" that changes its properties — including stiffness — based on that particular shot, and also features a stiffer frame with Teflon grommets, a leather grip, and a more open string pattern to provide extra pop on agressive shots.

  • Ride Slackcountry Snowboard

    If you find yourself in the enviable position of having copious amounts of fresh powder and enough time to go enjoy it, check out the Ride Slackcountry Snowboard ($700). Designed to keep you gliding in even the heaviest of snow, the Slacksountry features a HighRize rocker and specific sidecut for a loose, responsive feel, Carbon Array 7 carbon stringers in the core for stiffness and support, 90A Slimewalls to reduce vibrations, and terrific, retro beer can-inspired graphics.

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