Magimix Vision Toaster

"That's about as fun as watching bread toast." Okay, so that might not actually be a saying, but toasting has never been as fun as with the Magimix Vision Toaster ($300). This unique toaster offers a viewing window that lets you watch as your bread browns thanks to four quartz heating elements that heat evenly, four preprogrammed settings for toast, bagels, reheating, and defrosting, extra-wide slots, and stainless steel construction. Next up? See-through rice cookers. Because who really knows what the hell is going on in there?

  • Bike Handle Knives

    Technically, you shouldn't have to worry about how comfortable your knives' handles are — if the blade is sharp, it's normally not an issue — but that doesn't mean these aren't cool. Bike Handle Knives from MKS Design ($150-$225) are made in Sheffield, England from SF77 stainless British Steel, and feature an asymmetrical grind and a welded tubular stainless handle with a vinyl grip in red, green, or blue.

  • Bialetti Cappuccino Maker

    Add Barrista to your growing list of job titles with this super easy cappuccino-latte maker from Bialetti ($90). Made in Italy of beautiful cast aluminum, the machine produces rich and frothy drinks with only a stovetop and little effort. (Screw you, frothing wand. You're not needed here.) Just fill the thing up with water, add a filter and your coffee or espresso, and fill the top carafe with milk. Then, just put it on the stove for five minutes and you'll have yourself a tasty reason for waking up in the morning.

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