Magmate Magnetic Blade Guards

Have a habit of slicing up your fingers when you grab the knife out of the drawer? These Magmate Magnetic Blade Guards ($25) are the perfect protection. Your blade is sealed inside a plastic fortress, with cushy foam to make sure you don't lose that sharp edge, and magnets you can count on to make sure it's closed. Which brings us back to the knives. You haven't cut yourself yet, right? [via]

  • Uuni Pizza Oven

    Up 'til now, wood-fired pizza ovens have been the domain of restaurants and the rich. The Uuni Pizza Oven (£160; roughly $250) is looking to change all of that. Made from stainless steel, it's compact, weighs just 5kg, and - most importantly - cooks a fantastic pizza, thanks to an integrated furnace that gets up to 800° F, or hot enough to cook a pie in just 3 minutes.

  • Hario Bonmac Siphon Coffee Pot

    Feel like your kitchen isn't looking enough like a Mr. Wizard set? The Hario Bonmac Siphon Coffee Pot ($110) should be able to fix that. To use it, you fill up the lower bulb with water, and place your coffee grounds in the upper container. Place the alcohol lamp burner under the lower bulb to boil the water, which becomes steam, rises to the top, mixes with the grounds, and finally ends up back down in the lower bulb as one of the best cups of coffee you've ever had. Safety goggles not included.

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