Magwear Magnetic Wristband

Magwear Magnetic Wristband

Any true geek will tell you that half the battle of working on electronics is trying to keep track of all those too-damn-small screws. The Magwear Magnetic Wristband ($18) helps alleviate this problem by providing a magnetic surface to hold the small stuff while you hack, upgrade, or mod your way to a better life.

  • Jig-A-Loo

    It's always great to find something that has literally hundreds of uses (even if it is named something like this). Jig-A-Loo ($7 at Home Depot stores) is an invisible, odorless, stain-free, lubricant and water repellent that'll take care of just about any job around the house. Invented in Quebec in 1958, this miracle spray is now available in the states for the first time. It works on wood, metal, leather, most plastics and tons of other surfaces. Not to sound like an infomercial, but it lubricates, prevents rust and freeze, waterproofs, de-squeaks and just makes things operate smoother. 

  • Bosch PS10-2 I-Driver

    When we were younger, cordless screwdrivers weren't good for much except putting together toys. Now they are actual tools, tools like the Bosch PS10-2 I-Driver ($140). This 10.8-volt beast features an articulating head that locks in five positions through 90 degrees, advanced "litheon" battery technology, and an electronic clutch. Plus, it comes with two batteries, a 30-minute charger, carrying case, and two bits.

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