MakerBot Replicator Mini

The biggest complaint so far when it comes to consumer-level 3D printing has been the barrier to access — 3D printers are too expensive, too hard to use, too large to fit into a small space, and materials are too hard to come by. The MakerBot Replicator Mini ($1,400) takes huge leaps into making 3D printing at home a lot more approachable. By reducing the price to almost a quarter of their previous models, they've made it a little more attainable for the average guy, while making its footprint considerably smaller. With a reimagined interface, wireless connectivity, a digital store for downloading designs, and touch-and-print capability, it's never been easier to get started with rapid prototyping and modeling. An onboard camera for monitoring the process, a replaceable extruder, and compatibility with Makerbot PLA filament just make it that much easier.

  • Lapka Bam Breathalyzer

    Whether you're using it to help you decide between getting behind the wheel or calling a cab, or just engaging in some friendly BAC competition between drinking buddies, the breathalyzer is a great tool for helping you stay in touch with the effect those beers are having on your body. But, with clunky design, clumsy interfaces, and interchangeable mouth cups, they haven't changed much since their inception — until the Lapka Bam Breathalyzer ($200). Encased in ceramic, this small cylinder fits conveniently within your palm, using your hand as the mouthpiece, and an app on your iOS or Android phone — via audio signal — as the interface. As your BAC rises, the app actually changes, updating to make it easier to read and more useful. It's an artful combination of form and function, that may just save you from a costly DUI, or worse.

  • Bare Conductive Electric Paint

    Soldering is hard. Using Bare Conductive Electric Paint ($10 and up) is easy. This ingenious paint is nontoxic, solvent-free, water soluble, and most importantly conductive, allowing you to simply draw usable circuits on a variety of surfaces, including paper, plastic, fabric, and even conventional circuit boards. It comes in handy, easy-to-use tubes, as well as jars — for larger applications — and in a variety of sets that include instructions and materials for completing a variety of electronics projects.

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