Makita LXT Cordless Autofeed Screwdriver

Let's face it, no one likes to spend their weekend doing chores — Saturdays are for sleeping and Sundays are for football. But the Makita LXT Cordless Autofeed Screwdriver makes quick work out of your household tasks, so you can get back on the couch where you belong. Its compact, ergonomic, lightweight design makes it easy to use, even for long periods of time, while its high capacity and screw compatibility suits it for a variety of tasks. The 4,000 RPM four-pole motor has plenty of speed, making it great for decking, drywalling, and more.

  • Tuls

    For those of you who put a lot of thought into your everyday carry, you know exactly how important it is to make the best-possible use of your limited pocket space. The creators of Tuls ($22 and up) had just that in mind when they came up with the Stan, the Lucy, the Roul, the Ollie, and the Opie. These credit-card-sized tools are perfect for slipping into your wallet or money clip, giving you a huge variety of important gadgets without taking up much space. Whether you need a set of hex wrenches, rulers, bottle openers, or a smartphone stand that doubles as a cord wrapper, they've got you covered.

  • Vaughan Stealth Hammer

    Whether you're framing a house, building a deck, or just hanging up some wall art in your apartment, it's important to have a tool that does most of the work for you. For that reason, a hammer with a heavy head can be your best friend — but also a source of fatigue if you're lugging around a bunch of tools. The American-made Vaughan Stealth Hammer gives you the best of both worlds: a lightweight hammer that swings with the force of a tool twice its weight. It features a 17-ounce, smooth-faced steel head with a magnetic nail starter, a side nail puller, and a straight claw that can handle just about any carpentry-related task you throw at it.

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