Makr Skateboard Deck

Makr Skateboard Deck

Who says quality decks need to be covered with crazy graphics and garish colors? The Makr Skateboard Deck ($75) is a solid, understated board, made from white walnut and featuring a hand-stained bottom, grey steel-like laminate top, and hand-numbered leather risers — which might actually be cool, since only 50 are being made.

  • Flowboard

    And we thought the Freeboard has a lot of wheels. The Flowboard ($90-$120) is yet another pavement-friendly snowboard/surfing simulating board, featuring a 7-ply Canadian rock maple deck and unique designs. Its Deep Curve System (DCS) is the real star of the show, however, featuring a 14-wheel, arched setup that lets you turn 45-degree angles with smooth edge-to-edge motion, eliminating wheel bite that could send you tumbling like Cintron versus Williams. [via]

  • Erickson Longboards

    Made from sustainable — i.e. fallen or dead — walnut and handcrafted in Seattle, Erickson Longboards ($300) are a classy alternative to the average deck. Each one is custom milled, and features Landyachtz Bear Grizzly 1040 trucks, as well as unique characteristics based on the natural variations of the wood. Remember to wear your helmet, maybe some knee and elbow pads, and if you're really clumsy, maybe some sort of Halo-style body armor. [Thanks, Jake]

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