Makr Sketchbooks

We're not saying they're better than Moleskines, but they're certainly a tempting alternative. Makr Sketchbooks ($40) feature soft-touch, water-resistant covers, plain interior pages that are good for writing or sketching, and an angled elastic closure that's designed to hold your pen or pencil in place on the end of the book. At 5" x 8", it's plenty large enough to capture big ideas while still small enough to fit in a small bag, and it's available for pre-order now in six premium colorways.

  • Colors Cartesia Desk

    Sometimes an idea is so simple we're amazed no one had thought of it before — and the Colors Cartesia Desk ($6,000) is one of those. Answering the challenge of letting you access more than one desk drawer at once, the Cartesia features a novel new drawer system that lets you open them from the front or the side, giving you the ability to access two or more at once. Made from Tamo Tree or Walnut, it also features a clean, modern design with a siding-like drawer tower and a small side drawer to store cords, cables and the like. [via]

  • Baux Pen

    Bic pens are pretty much ubiquitous, used for everything from the community pen at your local bank to the giveaways you find in hotels. Unfortunately, that commonality also makes them rather... boring. The Baux Pen ($25/2-pack) aims to fix all that. Named after aluminum ore, this sleek pen is crafted from machined aluminum, available in grooved or smooth versions, and in one of five colors — natural aluminum, or one of four anodized shades. The best part? You can customize it using any color Bic you can find, giving you nearly endless tip/lid combinations to choose from.

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