Mammut T-Trail Headlamp + Light Dry Bag

Why bring both a headlamp and a lantern with you when one item can do the job of both? The Mammut T-Trail Headlamp + Light Dry Bag ($33) functions as a super-lightweight, 30-meter headlamp when you're on the trail, and then attaches to the included ambient light dry bag to provide pleasant diffused light once you've reached your destination. As the name suggests, you can also use the dry bag to protect valuables on the go or in bad weather, making this camping/survival tool a three-birds-with-one-stone proposition.

  • SmithFly Digi Pouch

    Keep your electronics from the elements inside the SmithFly Digi Pouch ($60). Crafted from heavy-duty 18 oz. vinyl, the Digi Pouch features Molle webs on a welded patch in the back of the bag, allowing it to work with pretty much any Molle-webbed thing out there while leaving its roll-top design completely water tight. Perfect for DSLRs, phones, or any other mission-critical gadgets.

  • The North Face Dome Tent

    There's a reason eskimos lived in igloos — the shape is incredibly efficient at using heat. Now you can pack your own igloo up the mountain with the The North Face Dome Tent ($5,000). Offering an impressive 125 sq. ft. of interior space, this hemisphere-shaped tent can hold up to 8 people, weighs just 45 lbs., and collapses down to just 32" by 23". Other features include dual doors, two exterior windows with a chimney vent, and a rugged nylon Oxford exterior.

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