Maple Bacon Candle

It doesn't matter if you're scarfing down a sad, protein-filled meal replacement bar for breakfast — you can keep your kitchen smelling like a home-cooked feast every morning with this Maple Bacon Candle. This handmade, 100% soy wax candle is good for 25-35 hours of burn time, sports a natural wooden wick that provides a comforting crackling sound as it burns, and is infused with aromas of smoky cured bacon and sweet maple syrup. Your morning coffee never tasted better.

  • Stirio

    Next time it's your turn to cook, keep yourself from being shackled to the stove on stirring duty by busting out the Stirio. This smart, programmable kitchen tool is designed to fit a wide variety of pots, with adjustable clamps and an adjustable stirring blade. Ideal for cooking foods like risotto, stew, and porridge, it can go for at least an hour on a single charge of its battery, is safe for non-stick surfaces, and thanks to a nearly silent motor, won't drive you crazy making noise as it tends to your meal.

  • Hario V60 Coffee Drip-Brewer

    It's not automatic. It's not fancy. But if all you want is a tasty cup of coffee, the Hario V60 Coffee Drip-Brewer is all you need. Made in Japan from glass, silicone, and plastic, this pour-over tool works best with Hario's V60 filters and freshly-ground beans, and features a heat-resistant silicone sleeve that improves your grip while protecting your mitts from the hot beverage within. Holds up to 700ml of coffee.

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