Marbel Electric Skateboard

We've seen plenty of electric vehicles over the years, but none that weigh in at under ten pounds. Claiming the throne of "world's lightest electric vehicle", the Marbel Electric Skateboard comes in at 9.9 lbs, and offers a range of up to 10 miles and a top speed of 20 mph thanks to a powerful battery system that's completely integrated into the deck. Speaking of which, it's built entirely from carbon fiber and kevlar, save for the nose, tail, and wheels, which are all crafted from Urethane rubber. All you need to do is hop aboard and move the throttle slider, or better yet, pair the board to your phone and completely customize your ride.

  • Tanner Goods Bike Bags

    Everyone knows a bike is a great way to get around — whether you use one to get you to work every day, or just to keep yourself physically fit — but one thing a bike lacks is convenient storage for your gear. With Tanner Goods Bike Bags you get all the convenience of biking and plenty of storage for your stuff. Choose from a saddle bag that hangs beneath your seat, a frame bag to hang underneath your ride, and a handlebar bag for up front (or choose all three and really load yourself down). Available in three colors, burnt oak, charcoal, and field tan, and made from durable 10-ounce canvas and 18-ounce twill, they feature plenty of pockets, straps to keep them secure, and sturdy zippers to keep everything intact.

    USA-Made Goods presented by our friends at Shinola.


  • Vanhawks Valour Connected Bike

    As increasingly more people give up their cars in favor of biking to work, it only makes sense that necessity would drive our bikes to get smarter — more capable of handling the risks and challenges of an urban commute. The Vanhawks Valour Connected Bike combines intelligent technology with lightweight carbon-fiber construction for a bike that's truly meant to handle the busy city streets. Connecting to an iPhone, Android, and Pebble app using Bluetooth, this bike lets you plot your routes, giving you turn-by-turn directions, and offers blind-spot detection, theft alerts, fitness data, and so much more. Better still, it connects with other Vanhawks Valour bikes, helping to improve your routes over time so you can avoid congestion, potholes, and other pitfalls.

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