Martin Jetpack

Odds are, you've dreamed of having the ability to fly unaided, soaring above the rooftops effortlessly, only to wake up and realize that you're still bound to the ground. With the Martin Jetpack ($100,000 and up), you can fly to altitudes of up to 800 feet, at speeds of nearly 50 miles per hour, for as long as thirty minutes — and while that doesn't quite meet your dream of flying without help, it's the next best thing. Built on top of a V4 engine that produces 200 horsepower and 180 pound-feet of torque, and capable of flying with a pilot or remotely, this jetpack is also built with safety in mind. A ducted fan, easy-to-use controls, a composite airframe built for strength, and a deployable parachute makes it nearly as safe as walking.

  • Shinola Runwell Di2 Limited Edition Bicycle

    We're all well aware the American maker mentality has waned in recent times, but at Shinola in Detroit, made in the USA is alive and well. What started as a local watch company quickly transitioned into a purveyor of all things made in America. Possibly the finest example of this is The Runwell Di2 Bicycle from Shinola ($4,500). Starting life at the legendary Waterford Precision Cycles factory in Wisconsin and then hand-assembled in Detroit, this handsome commuter improves on the company's two-wheel offerings, upgrading the bike with more performance and technology. Built upon a lugged steel frame and fork, the classically-styled Runwell Di2 offers smooth riding and excellent handling, and features Shimano electronic shifting, Alfine hydraulic brakes, a handlebar-mounted LED control panel, internal cable routing, an aluminum front rack, black alloy fenders, as well as front and rear lights. On top of all of that, she's a real looker too, sporting a stark black-and-white design. Built to order, only one remaining, and shipping in March 2014.

    Sponsored by our friends at Shinola.

  • Jet Capsule

    The Jet Capsule ($250,000 and up) is a boat like no other, powered using a similar propulsion system to a jet ski, measuring 24 feet in length, and completely customizable to your every whim. Its base configuration comes with a 325 horsepower diesel engine capable of speeds up to 28 mph — but you can choose two 350 horsepower gasoline engines that bring the top speed up to 57 mph. Various layouts are available to choose from, including an empty shell, ready to be kitted out, a comfort option with two convertible sofas, a taxi layout ready to fit nine passengers, or a living capsule, outfitted with a kitchen, bathroom, and two convertible sofas. If none of those options quite meet your needs, they'll work with you to build the miniature yacht of your dreams.

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