Marucci Custom Pro Wood Bats

Marucci Custom Pro Wood Bats

Whether you answer to a Yari-like, ball-busting league coach or simply want to stop being beaten at the plate by your screwball-tossing offspring, these Marucci Custom Pro Wood Bats ($125) can help you prepare for the upcoming baseball season. Favored by a number of big leaguers including Albert Pujols and Chase Utley, these maple and ash bats are cut from hand-selected Pennsylvanian trees, and cut to exact specifications to ensure that the bat matches your swing.

  • Rogue Bearing Speed Rope

    Doing a little speed rope is a great addition to any workout routine, but the design of traditional ropes can end up draining the "speed" out of the equation. The Rogue Bearing Speed Rope ($22) overcomes this limitation by using four cartridge ball bearings per rope to allow for unmatched speed, while the coated cable adds speed, and the six-inch rotating handles make sure you can find a grip to fit your form. [Scouted by Adam]

  • Beardski

    Get that ZZ Top look while speeding down the slopes with the Beardski ($35). Available in a variety of styles, each of these insulated ski masks features a foot-long synthetic beard attached to the front, as well as neoprene lining and woven thermal fleece to keep warm — in case the beard wasn't doing a good enough job already.

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