Mastercard Biometric Credit Card

Chip cards make our day-to-day transactions more secure. They also make them more frustrating. The Mastercard Biometric Credit Card aims to be even more secure than its predecessors, and much easier to use. By embedding a fingerprint sensor on the end of the card opposite the chip, it lets the terminal authenticate the sale almost instantly, with no need to ever take your hand off the card or for new merchant hardware. The tech is currently testing in South Africa, with tests planned for Europe and Asia in the coming months.

  • Pavlok Habit-Breaking Device

    Whether it's biting your nails, smoking, or procrastinating at work, we all have bad habits we'd like to break. The Pavlok Habit-Breaking Device is here to help. The wearable device pairs with your phone via an app and allows you to pick your specific bad habit. A combination of both tracking and zaptic software recognize whether you're letting your emails pile up or pulling up to the drive-thru. Once you're caught, Palvok will give you a smack on the hand by way of vibration, beeps, or zaps. The company even claims that their gadget's take on negative association can break most bad habits in as little as five minutes a day for five days.

  • Duo AI Mirror

    It looks like any other mirror, and at 1.9mm thin, you'd be hard-pressed to guess otherwise. But the Duo AI Mirror is in fact a full-fledged computer hidden in plain sight. Its 27-inch HD multi-touch display hides until awoken, and can be configured to handle a variety of tasks, from showing the weather and news to letting you control your thermostat and lights. The "AI" comes into play in the form of Albert, the Duo's voice-powered assistant, who lets you handle a variety of tasks without needing to dirty the screen. A separate box holds most of the electronics — enabling that razor-thin profile — and runs a touch- and voice-specific operating system called HomeOS.

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