Mastercraft XT20 Powerboat

You don't need an enormous craft to have fun on the water. The Mastercraft XT20 Powerboat is proof. Measuring a garage-friendly 20 feet in length, it's powered by your choice of three GM-sourced Ilmor V8 engines, which give it plenty of power, while the DockStar Handling System makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces. A spacious wraparound lounge and open pickle fork bow give it plenty of seating, 1,700 pounds of optional in-floor ballast let it adapt to a variety of tasks, and the Murphy touchscreen lets you control every aspect of the boat from the comfort of the captain's chair.

  • Can Cannon

    It's not 100% non-lethal, but firing off the 100% legal Can Cannon does sound like more fun like your typical day at the range. This patent-pending launcher attaches to nearly any AR-15 or M16, using a gas ported barrel and tube to protect your projectiles from overly high pressures. It's currently configured to launch full 12 oz. cans up to 105 yards using standard blanks, and the company is also working on a range of accessories including a grappling hook, net launcher, t-shirt launcher, and harpoon.

  • Kamprite Tentcot

    Combining an elevated sleeping platform and a matching tent, the Kamprite Tentcot lets you rest soundly on the trail, safe from bugs, rodents, snakes, and even rain. It sets up easily, going from a compact 12 x 12 x 45 inches to a roomy 84 by 40 by 53 inches. It sleeps two, as it's nearly as large as a queen mattress, supports 500 lbs., has doors on either side with an outer cover for privacy and an interior mesh cover for airflow, and comes complete with a wheeled carry bag, a simple carrying bag for the tent only, and a fitted waterproof rain fly to keep you dry in bad weather. Also available in single-person varieties.

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