Matrix Powerwatch

Nearly every smartwatch tracks how many calories you burn. The Matrix Powerwatch goes a step further, using them to power itself. Using thermoelectric technology, it accurately measures how many calories you burn everyday, then uses that body heat to keep itself running. As you'd expect, it also syncs wirelessly to your phone, tracks your steps and sleep, and is water resistant to 50 meters, meaning you can wear it in the pool, lake, or ocean without worry. Finished with a circular aluminum case and black nylon strap.

  • CMRA Apple Watch Camera

    For all the features that the Apple Watch has, it's missing something nearly every other Apple product has — a camera. The CMRA Apple Watch Camera fixes that. This smart band attaches like any other, but has an eight megapixel outward-facing camera and a two megapixel selfie cam, both supplied by the tiny cam maestros at Sony. It can also grab HD videos, has all-day battery life (or at least as much as your watch), and comes in four colors that should match any wardrobe.

  • Misfit Phase Smartwatch

    Misfit is known for its simple, stylish fitness trackers. Now its taking the same aesthetic and applying it to a watch. The Misfit Phase Smartwatch has an elegant analog time readout and all the smart functionality you'd expect. There's an accelerometer for fitness and sleep tracking, a multi-color indicator to show calls, text, and other incoming notifications, and a vibrating alarm for discreet updates. It also sets the time automatically, has a 41mm aluminum and stainless steel case that's water resistant to 50 meters, and a replaceable battery lasts up to six months at a time. Available in a variety of finishes with an even larger selection of interchangeable bands.

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