Mavic Plasma SLR Helmet

Trying to milk all the speed you can out of your bike rides? Make sure your head isn't getting in the way with the Mavic Plasma SLR Helmet ($220). This high-tech helmet features Ergo Fit Pad technology with progressive padding and low-denisty open-cell foam to pull away moisture, the Ergo Hold SL Retention system that offers 6cm of size adjustment with the turn of a dial, and cabon composite reinforcement that allows for larger vent openings without compromising protection. Available in white, black, and yellow.

  • Loopwheels

    Shocks can only get you so far — if you're looking for ultimate comfort on your bike, you need to add suspension to the wheels themselves. That's exactly what Loopwheels (£500; roughly $775) do. These 20" bicycle wheels use conventional hubs with hub brakes and hub wheels, but with a spring system replacing the spokes, providing an unparalleled riding experience by cushioning you from bumps and potholes. Shipping in August.

  • Max ATVs

    Forget four wheels — if you want a vehicle that can go wherever is necessary, you need six. Max ATVs ($9,500 and up) have been tearing through the wilderness since 1969, utilizing their six-wheel drive systems and amphibious capabilities to get wherever their owners needed to go. Built in Buffalo, NY, they come in three models — the Max II, which holds two passengers plus cargo, the Max IV, which can hold up to four passengers and slightly less cargo, and the Buffalo, the world's first amphibious dump truck. They may not be as pretty as a new four-wheeler, but when your four-wheeling buddy is stuck on the other side of the creek, you won't care a bit. [Scouted by Ryan]

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