McLaren Invincible Shield

Built specifically for a client with reduced function and structural integrity in his rib cage and sternum, the McLaren Invincible Shield is personalized space-age armor. It consists of three main components: a triangular rigid composite shield made from Dyneema, Zylon, and carbon fibers, three gel pads, and a custom base layer. They work together to protect against impacts, routing force away from vital organs and dissipating it via the pads. Put through its paces in the same labs used by McLaren's Formula 1 team for crash tests, the shield is now presumably being worn by its owner, sitting unnoticeably underneath his shirt and protecting him from harm.

  • Amabrush Automatic Toothbrush

    We know we need to brush our teeth. Whether we're skipping brushes, not brushing long enough, or simply not using our brush correctly, many of us don't get our teeth as clean as they should be. The Amabrush Automatic Toothbrush aims to change all that. It has a flexible mouthpiece made from antibacterial silicone that attaches to a powered handpiece to get your teeth clean in just ten seconds. The handpiece also has a built-in mechanism to dispense specially formulated toothpaste automatically and connects to the mouthpiece magnetically — meaning it's easy to have multiple people using the same unit.

  • Dreem Headband

    Research shows that sound can enhance sleep, but only if applied at the right moment. The Dreem Headband uses sensors and smarts to make your night's rest even better. By analyzing your brain waves using advanced algorithms, it can play sounds at just the right time to make your deep sleep more restful, helping you to feel better when it's time to wake up. The system also uses AI to give you tips to improve your habits for even better sleep. And since none of this is helpful if you don't want to wear it, the Yves Behar design promises all-night comfort in any position.

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