Mellow Skateboard Drive

You don't have to buy an all-new deck to get electric capabilities. The Mellow Skateboard Drive can add powerful propulsion to your favorite board. It has two in-wheel motors, capable of pushing you along at speeds of 25 mph for up to 10 miles on a charge. Water and dust proof, it can be installed on nearly any board, has a intuitive, single-button remote, adds only 5.5 lbs of weight, and is powered by a swappable lithium ion battery with cells sourced from the same place as those in the Tesla Model S. And it installs in just minutes, so you can be up and riding in no time.

  • Piaggio Electric Bike

    Known for their line of Vespa Scooters, the team at Piaggio know a thing or two about two wheel transportation. The Piaggio Electric Bike shows a keen eye for design and function, taking the compact 250W-350W electric power unit and hiding it behind the sprocket to greatly reduce impact. And the tech is well thought out as well, as owners have the ability to tether their smartphone via Bluetooth to the bike and unlock map routes, and training programs. It even acts as an anti-theft device and is entirely waterproof, making it an immediate standout in the evolving and expanding market.

  • Seaxplorer Expedition Yacht

    Most yacht are built for sailing the tropics. While the Seaxplorer Expedition Yacht can certainly do so, it's also equipped to take you to the most remote waters on earth. Its patented hull design with heavy ice reinforcement makes it possible to break through ice, while the passenger areas are meticulously faired and offer an uncompromisingly luxurious voyage. Fully autonomous, it can stay at sea for up to 40 days at a time, is available in 65, 90, and 100-meter models, and can be customized to any activity you're interested in, whether it be exploring a deserted island via kayak, or exploring the deep via submarine.

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