Mentos Geyser Tube

Mentos Geyser Tube

The Mentos Geyser Tube ($5) is a small clear tube that will help you maximize the effect of the best backyard science experiment ever discovered. Just load the Mentos into the tube, lock it onto your 2-liter of Coke (diet works best), pull the pin and run like hell. The little tube will more than double the normal distance of the soda blast — be prepared for your fructose fountain to reach 30 feet or more.

  • Home Snow Machine

    If you've been living with winter temperatures but no snow, take matters into your own hands with the SG5-LED Snowmaker ($750), the highest volume home snowmaker available. The SG5 is built to connect to commercial or home pressure washers, or a dedicated machine like the 6GPM Snowmaking Pump ($1800) that is capable of making 180 cubic feet per hour when paired with the SG5. Sure, you're not going to open your own resort with this setup, but giving your kids a chance to go sledding — and being able to pelt your ammo-less neighbors with snowballs — is just as rewarding.

  • Pak-Lite

    Life's not a party if you have to stumble around in the dark. You can remedy the stumbling with the Pak-Lite Super White LED Flashlight ($25). This minimalist flashlight, powered by a nine-volt battery, puts out light near that of natural sunlight quality via two super bright white LED blubs.

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