Menu Fire Bucket

Light up your favorite outdoor gathering place — whether it's your patio, your back porch, or your entire yard — and do it in style with the Menu Fire Bucket. Made from stainless steel so it won't tarnish or rust, this fire bucket will last for years no matter the weather you expose it to. With multiple fire buckets, you can light up an entire space, just insert the removable oil container, and arrange them throughout to create the right mood. And when you're not using them for lighting, they also make great flower pots or storage containers, and with a convenient handle, you can hang them pretty much anywhere.

  • August Smart Lock

    With Lockitron finally hitting doorsteps in July and the Kevo heralding the big-name lockmakers' entrance into the market, it seems 2013 will be quite the year for smart locks — and the August Smart Lock ($200) is the sleekest one we've seen yet. Designed by Yves Behar, the August is a simple anodized aluminum circle that installs over the interior portion of your existing deadbolt, and uses LED indicators and open/close chimes to let you know its status. As for its smart credentials, it uses a combination of Bluetooth, an app, and encrypted locking technology to let you open the door automatically and ensure that anyone who needs access can get it while those who don't, can't.

  • Kevo

    We've seen add-ons for locks to try and make them smarter, but it's about time the locks themselves gained some intelligence. Kevo ($220) is the first we've seen. This smart deadbolt uses Bluetooth 4.0, your iPhone, and a companion app to let you open your door using nothing but your finger. A ring around the lock lights up blue when it senses your presense, and turns to green once you've unlocked your door. The set also includes a wireless keyfob that offers the same functionality, and should you need to resort to old-school ways, it'll still open with a standard key, as well. Coming this summer.

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