Menu Shoe Horn

Save your shoes — and the backs of your feet — with this Menu Shoe Horn. Unlike most typical horns you'd find in a shoe store or even in your hotel room, this elegant item was designed for display by Charles Wilson, as evidenced by the included magnetic wall mount and polished steel construction. Let's face it: it's likely the most attractive thing that will be touching your feet anytime soon.

  • Vessel Hammock Bathtub

    The hammock and the bathtub are undeniable fixtures of relaxation — so it's no surprise that the two play well together as the Vessel Hammock Bathtub ($TBA). Unlike other bathtubs, but like a hammock, it's suspended above the ground, providing an escape from stress. Carbon fiber construction allows the unique shape, while keeping it light enough to hang. A foam core insulates the tub, keeping your bath water warm. It's also large enough to fit two, in case you want to share the experience. Available in black, red, blue, yellow, pink, bronze, and silver.

  • SerpentSea Rope Mats

    Worried that your mats can stand up to the daily abuse you put out? You need not worry if you've got some of these SerpentSea Rope Mats ($250-$1500). Handwoven from reclaimed sailing ropes, they come in four different styles — Bonny, Drake, Morgan, and Killigrew — named after four of the most infamous pirates of the 17th century. All four also happen to be traditional knots that have been tied by sailors for centuries for both practical purposes and decor, and all four rugs are designed to be used indoors or out — just like the rope from which they're made.

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