Mercedes-Benz Carbon Bike

Mercedes-Benz Carbon Bike

Leave it to Mercedes-Benz to create the most bad-ass racing bike on the planet. The highlight of the company's 2006 Bike Collection, the Mercedes-Benz Carbon Bike ($3,670) has an ultra-lightweight carbon fiber frame that helps keep the overall weight down to 18 pounds. The bike, targeted at both amateurs and professional cyclists, has an impressive bounty of high-tech components from Shimano, including the drive system, gears, brakes, and aerodynamic wheels. The Carbon Bike will only be produced as a limited edition of 199 units, so if you want one you better act fast.

  • World's Brightest Flashlight

    At least it claims to be — and with stats like these, you’ve gotta believe it. The World's Brightest Flashlight ($80) produces 15 million candlepower — equivalent to 150 60-watt bulbs — and its beam can be seen from over 6 miles away. I don’t know about you, but if I’m trying to blind someone with my flashlight, I prefer they be a little closer than six miles away. Oh, and it also features a tough build, a built-in stand, and a handle for easy carrying.

  • Cycloc

    Although one member of the Uncrate team can’t really ride a bike — he graduated to four-wheelers too fast at his parent’s rural farmhouse — we still like to cover accessories for those who get their travel and exercise done at the same time. The Cycloc ($90) keeps your ‘cycle secured to the wall with a simple, stylish circular locking mechanism — plus it can free up floor space, all while looking way better than garage shelving. [via]

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