Mercedes-Benz Granturismo Arrow Yacht

Dubbed the "Silver Arrow of the Seas", the Mercedes-Benz Granturismo Arrow Yacht translates the three-pointed star's car design language to the water. Measuring roughly 46 feet from stern to bow, the boat has classic automotive proportions and a hybrid design that combines the feeling of an open boat with the benefits of a hull cabin vessel. The interior, which can accommodate up to 10 people, is lined in eucalyptus wood, and has an upscale bathroom, separate dressing room, and a host of luxe standard features like a wine "cellar", ice-making machine, high-end audio system and air conditioning. Of course, it's no slouch performance-wise, either, with two diesel engines providing a total output of 960 hp, giving it a cruising speed of 30 knots and a top speed over 40, depending on the load. Just 10 boats will be made, with a limit of one per country.

  • Skyrunner MK 3.2

    Part ATV, part plane, the Skyrunner MK 3.2 promises to let you explore the wilderness both from the ground and from the air. On land, the go kart-like design and Rotax engine handles rugged terrain with ease, while ram-air parafoil wing technology lets it hit speeds of 55 mph in the air, reaching a maximum altitude of 10,000 feet. It can transition from one to the other quickly, and can takeoff and land quickly, enabling access to a number of areas unreachable by traditional aircraft. And since it only requires a Sports Pilot license, it's far more accessible than traditional aircraft while still allowing you to bring a passenger along for the ride.

  • Migaloo Submersible Yacht

    Normally if your yacht goes underwater, it's a disaster. With the Migaloo Submersible Yacht, it happens all the time. This incredible watercraft combines the luxury of a yacht with the underwater capabilities of a U.S. Navy submarine. It comes in five models, ranging in size from the 72-meter M2 to the massive, city-like 283-meter M7. Each is built to military safety standards, uses a modern acrylic pressure hull for a wide-open interior space, offers incredible views of the ocean, and is one of the most private spaces you can find — after all, not many people are going to be looking for you under the surface of the water. Best paired with one of the company's Kokomo private floating habitats.

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