There are plenty of iOS camera apps out there — an App Store search yields over 12,000 results. While most of these are just a refactoring of the same tired ideas, Mextures ($1) does things differently. Like a lot of camera apps, it includes a library of original textures, including gradients, grunge, light filters, and film scans (70 in total). Unlike other camera apps, it allows you to combine different textures on separate layers, using blending and opacity to create an original style. Once you're happy with your combination, you can save it as a formula to reuse as much as you like.

  • Tall Chess

    Like to play chess? Like to play chess on your iPhone? Then you'll love Tall Chess (Free). Crafted specifically for the iPhone and iPod touch, Tall Chess — as the name suggests — takes advantage of the entire screen to give you a bird's-eye view of the game board at all times. Despite the uncluttered interface, all the features you'd expect — captured pieces, move history, exporting, and more — are just a swipe away. Thanks to Game Center integration, it's easy to start up a match with both friends and total strangers, and should you want to keep more than one game going at a time, the functionality is just a quick, easy, and affordable upgrade away.

  • Felt

    Let's see: the ability to send handwritten cards without needing to walk into the candle fragrance minefield of the nearby card shop? Sign us up. Felt (Free; $4/card) is a new app for the iPad that lets you handwrite your own personal message — using the pen type and color of your choice — inside the card, then add that extra touch by handwriting the address that will go on the outside of the envelope. Felt will then print your message on Mohawk card stock, seal it in the custom-printed envelope, and send it out — no need to wait in line, staring at creepy porcelain figurines and gaudy photo frames. You're welcome. [Scouted by Lake]

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