Micro 3D Printer

Over the past couple of years we've watched as the barriers to entry for 3D printing came down one-by-one — machines grew steadily cheaper, more competition entered the market, software became easier to use — and the Micro 3D Printer is just one more example of that trend. Made to be truly consumer-facing, this 3D printer is small enough to fit on your desk, affordable enough to not put it out of reach of the average tinkerer, and easy enough to use to eliminate the intimidation factor. It's also flexible, with interchangeable components, the ability to accommodate a range of material and filament options, compatibility with most operating systems and software, and an online marketplace where novice designers can download a wealth of objects.

  • Android Wear

    Wearable connected devices (particularly watches) are popping up all over the place lately, making Google's announcement of Android Wear all the more meaningful. Built as an extension of the Android platform to the wearable space, Android Wear is an operating system built specifically with this form factor in mind — beginning with watches, but conceivably extending to other wearables in the near future. Now, Google isn't making a watch, instead they've teamed up with a bunch of leading hardware makers, giving them the software they need to build a great device. They've rethought the way you interact with a device, making important information available when it's contextually relevant — think weather when you wake up, meetings throughout the day, traffic information during your commute, and number of calories burned during a run. It also has voice at its code, letting you respond to text messages, start a playlist, even search for important places nearby. While we have yet to see Android Wear on any actual devices, it's only a matter of time.

  • LaCie Culbuto

    Flash drives aren't typically known for their looks — and even those that are worthy of displaying on your desk or in your office are so small that it's insanely easy to lose them. Neither of these are a problem with the LaCie Culbuto. Boasting up to 32GB of space and blazing USB 3.0 speed, this cleverly-designed drive features an oversized, weighted bulb-like bottom and a cap that doubles as a card or photo holder, making it perfect for leaving out on your desk and gently tapping around when you get bored.

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