Microsoft Office Mobile

Whether your boss forces you, or you genuinely enjoy using Microsoft software on Apple products, you'll be happy to learn that Microsoft Office Mobile (Free) is available on iOS for Office 365 subscribers ($100). Now you can edit your Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and Powerpoint presentations from your device, and see your changes reflected anywhere you access your work. Built-in sharing tools let you collaborate with your coworkers through SkyDrive, so you'll never miss a comment or revision. The recent documents feature lets you access your work without trouble.

  • Camera Noir

    Taking black and white photos with your iPhone sounds simple enough, but getting that perfect look can actually be incredibly challenging. Challenging, that is, unless you have Camera Noir ($2). This deceptively simple app is designed specifically for taking black and white shots, with three brightness adjustments, square crop marks for the Instagram lovers, a horizon line that turns green when you're level, the ability to import prior photos, and the ability to share your new B&W masterpieces to Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere.

  • Tall Chess

    Like to play chess? Like to play chess on your iPhone? Then you'll love Tall Chess (Free). Crafted specifically for the iPhone and iPod touch, Tall Chess — as the name suggests — takes advantage of the entire screen to give you a bird's-eye view of the game board at all times. Despite the uncluttered interface, all the features you'd expect — captured pieces, move history, exporting, and more — are just a swipe away. Thanks to Game Center integration, it's easy to start up a match with both friends and total strangers, and should you want to keep more than one game going at a time, the functionality is just a quick, easy, and affordable upgrade away.

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