Midnight Scoop

The one deterrent to preparing a cold, delicious bowl of ice cream is the complication of actually scooping the rock hard dessert. Midnight Scoop is on the case, and has an interesting take on this simple yet annoying issue. The ergonomically shaped curve of the handle lets you push with your palms, causing the stronger muscles of your arms and chest to do the work in the place of the weaker ones in your wrist. No more waiting for ice cream to thaw or bending spoons — and your patience.

  • Sake Making Kit

    Home brewing is nothing new — it's not unusual at this point to have a friend or two brewing up their own ale. But what abour sake? With this Sake Making Kit, you can get started making your own Japanese rice wine right in your own kitchen. The kit includes everything you need to brew multiple one-gallon batches of the stuff (except for white raisins and sugar), featuring a one-gallon glass jug, a siphon, tubing, an airlock, yeast, steeping bags, a fermenting bucket, and, of course, short-grain polished rice. Homemade sushi kit not included.

  • Zoku Iced Coffee Maker

    Iced coffee is always a hit in warmer weather, and making yourself a cup of the chilly caffeinated stuff has never been easier than it is with the Zoku Iced Coffee Maker. Here's the steps. Step 1: pre-chill the stainless steel mug. Step 2: Brew coffee. Step 3: Pour coffee into the mug. Step 4: Slip on the insulating sleeve. Step 5: Drink. That's really all there is to it, making it far easier to deal with than the line at your local Joe provider.

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