Migaloo Submersible Yacht

Normally if your yacht goes underwater, it's a disaster. With the Migaloo Submersible Yacht, it happens all the time. This incredible watercraft combines the luxury of a yacht with the underwater capabilities of a U.S. Navy submarine. It comes in five models, ranging in size from the 72-meter M2 to the massive, city-like 283-meter M7. Each is built to military safety standards, uses a modern acrylic pressure hull for a wide-open interior space, offers incredible views of the ocean, and is one of the most private spaces you can find — after all, not many people are going to be looking for you under the surface of the water. Best paired with one of the company's Kokomo private floating habitats.

  • Oi Bicycle Bell

    You spent a lot of time picking out your bike. Why muck it up with a dollar-store bell? The Oi Bicycle Bell is a sleek accessory that replaces the traditional domed bell with a circular solution that both looks and sounds better. Hundreds of iterations were built to get just the right look and sound, the latter of which uses several pitch tones to ensure it gets heard. Installing it on your handlebar is a cinch — you just slip it over and tighten a single bolt — and it comes in five different finishes to make sure it matches your bike.

  • Zero Scooter

    Design firm Bel & Bel have brand new plans for your individual transportation needs and it comes in the form of this Zero Scooter. The world's first self-balancing scooter combines a familiar Vespa design with a Segway-like experience thanks to top notch electronics and mechanics from Ninebot. Available as a conversion kit that can be adapted to a base Ninebot model or as a full package.

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