Mighty Spotify Player

Like an iPod shuffle for streaming, the Mighty Spotify Player lets you enjoy your playlists without the need for a larger device. The small, square device clips easily onto clothing or accessories, and has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for syncing your music from Spotify and then streaming it to your headphones, no wires required. It's drop- and water-resistant, holds up to 1,000 songs, and since the songs are stored locally, there's don't need a signal to listen. Available in black, white, and orange.

  • Porsche Design 911 Speaker

    The Porsche Design 911 Speaker doesn't just look like an exhaust pipe. It's built from one. Using the pipes from the 911 GT3 to output the sound and an aluminum housing to keep them perched in mid-air, this speaker is a tempting gadget for any auto lover. Bluetooth 4.0 with apt-X and 60 watts of power ensure high-quality sound, and 24 hours of battery life means that like the car it's built from, you won't need to leave it in one place. Available in Europe now, it will go on sale stateside in October.

  • People People Transparent Speaker

    Born from an art-school design concept that went viral, the Transparent Speaker from Stockholm-based People People proves great sounding speakers don't have to come in oversized black boxes. Built of lasting materials like locally-sourced sapphire glass, and utilizing a design scheme that can be dismantled and maintained with an included simple wrench tool, this stunning speaker is a dream come true for audiophile DIYers everywhere. While previous iterations of the Transparent Speaker required the use of your own separate, external component to play tunes over Bluetooth, we're particularly pleased that they now come with a built-in Bluetooth adapter for usage from your phone or tablet. But don't worry, you're still given the option of the original modular setup allowing you to connect any audio source via USB or 3.5mm line-in, with line out capabilities as well. Hardware features include a 6.5-inch woofer, dual 3-inch full range drivers, an energy efficient, built-in amplifier with embedded digital signal processing, front panel treble, bass, and volume controls, and old-school power switch.

    Dimensions: 16" tall / 13" wide / 4.17" deep
    Frequency Response: 35 Hz-20 Khz ±5Db
    Woofer Output: 80-100 W

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