Miimo Robot Lawn Mower

Using a combination of the company's highly reliable engines and robotics know-how, the Miimo Robot Lawn Mower is Honda's latest tool for tackling your yard work. It relies on a boundary wire to know where it's supposed to mow, automatically sensing obstacles, pets, and humans with a set of 360-degree sensors and a floating cover for contact detection. There's a seasonal timer that can match its cutting interval with the rate of growth, multiple cutting modes to handle a variety of lawns, and anti-theft features that keep it secure when you're not around. It's available in two models, capable of cutting for 30 or 60 minutes before recharging, and will be available starting in June.

  • Bullet 02 Flashlight

    When it comes to items you constantly carry, smaller is better. The Bullet 02 Flashlight is as small as you can get, weighing just five grams and measuring in at 10 x 26 mm. Inspired by a 40 S&W round, its anodized aluminum casing is nearly indestructible, and thanks to a new design it's waterproof, as well. The high-quality LED bulb lasts up to 150,000 hours, produces 20 lumens of light, and is powered by three button bell batteries, activated by a quick 180-degree rotation of the top. Available in matte black or matte brass.

  • Sam XT Tourniquet

    The tourniquet has been a valuable tool for soldiers for hundreds of years. The proper application of a tourniquet during an emergency can save a life, but an improper application with too much slack can result in the opposite effect. This Sam XT Tourniquet features a buckle technology that auto-locks at a predetermined amount of circumferential force, eliminating nearly all tourniquet slack. It's engineered for rapid utilization with fewer windlass turns enabling easier training and faster, more intuitive use.

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