Milescraft Orbiter 360 Degree Drill Attachment

There's nothing worse than when you're halfway into a project and you realize your power drill or driver can't make an angle — it can be frustrating, and even dangerous. With the Milescraft Orbiter 360 Degree Drill Attachment, no angle is too extreme, and no space too tight. This handy device attaches to the chuck of your drill, and both halves rotate 360 degrees, allowing it to face virtually any direction. It accommodates any 3/8-inch or larger drill bit, has a keyless chuck for fast changes, and sports a soft-grip design for comfortable working.

  • Vipukirves Axes

    Nothing quite says summer like a campfire in your backyard, but chopping wood, while satisfying, can be a laborious pain. The uniquely-designed Vipukirves Axes ($255) use leverage to separate sections of wood from the rest of the log, giving you perfectly-chopped pieces of firewood with less effort. The design also allows you to avoid getting the axe lodged in the log, so you can get the job done more quickly. A precision-cast blade and birch wood handle mean this tool is made to last, so you won't have to go back to a traditional axe and sledge any time soon.

  • S.H.O.V.E.L.

    We've seen a lot of open-source stuff out there — mostly software and hardware — but we've never seen an open-source eating utensil. As far as we know, the S.H.O.V.E.L. ($10) is the first of its kind. This spork is made from titanium, and includes your typical spoon and fork combo (call it a foon if you want), as well as a serrated edge for cutting and a bottle-cap opener, all wrapped in six feet of red paracord. Download the specs and CAD files from their website — hack it, change it, build your own. It's open-source, after all.

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