Milk Desk

Milk Desk

It's about time that desks started matching the desktops that sit on top of them. The Milk Desk ($TBA) is the first desk we've seen that is as smartly designed as the computers we use. Its oversized 140 x 80cm top houses cable exits, a cable drawer, an integrated front file, and four modular square spaces that can be used as garbage bins, pencil holders, an iPod drawer with in-desk cable routing, and even as an aquarium. The desk also has an electronic base to raise or lower the desk depending on whether you choose to sit or stand. All-in-all, one of the most badass desks we've ever seen. [Thanks, Mark]

  • Mini Desk

    Whether you like the Mini or not, you can't deny the coolness of the Mini Desk ($TBA). Made from original British Minis, the desk is hand-built to your specifications, with your choice of desk top, car color, rims, tires, and license plates. In addition, it features a stereo in the dash with speakers in the parcel shelf, and fully working headlamps, hazards, and spotlights — so you can send light signals across the office whenever you and your secretary are taking a "coffee break."

  • Droog Archimedes Letter Scale

    Most letter scales sport utilitarian looks, at best. Not so with the Droog Archimedes Letter Scale by Arnout Visser ($50). This elegant Pyrex glass instrument uses Archimedes principle to measure the weight of your letters, and although we are admittedly a very gadget-centric bunch, the thought of removing one more button-and-LCD interface from our routine seems incredibly tempting — especially when it looks as good as this.

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