Milwaukee Bottle Opener Wire Stripper

Nothing makes a tough project go by faster than a few good, cold beers — so give your tool chest a bottle opener worthy of sitting with the rest of your tools, the Milwaukee Bottle Opener Wire Stripper. With a wide, cushioned, ergonomic handle that provides plenty of leverage, opening up a bottle has never been easier. It's made to be as durable as the rest of your tools, so no matter how much you put it through, it'll keep working. Plus, it has the added benefit of a wire stripper (for some reason), so it's really two tools in one.

  • Seedbot

    If you'd rather spend your weekend in your workshop building than out in the yard doing chores (and who could blame you?), we've found your ideal project — the Seedbot ($Free). With a pro membership to Instructables ($40 for two years), you can download detailed PDF instructions to build your very own grass-seed-spreading robot. Then all you need to do is purchase the necessary materials and start making. While the tech is definitely still in the developmental stages, who doesn't like the idea of building a robot to do our yard work for us?

  • Handibot

    With Handibot ($2,000), every DIY enthusiast now has access to a portable CNC (computer numerically controlled) mill. For those not familiar with CNC equipment, this industrial technology lets you programmatically, repeatably, and precisely cut, carve, or drill various materials. The Handibot lets you do all this at the job site or your home workshop, instead of a big shop, and removes the need for in-depth technological know-how using task-specific apps, controlled on your tablet or smart phone. All you need to do to cut that perfect notch, pocket, hole, or curve, is cue up an app and press the start button — pretty easy.

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