MINI Rocks Sonoro Internet Radio

If the design of your kitchen or den radio matters as much to you as the sound, you're no doubt in the target market for the MINI Rocks Sonoro Internet Radio ($600). This diminutive player features built-in Wi-Fi for streaming Internet radio and songs from your computer, as well as a dimmable OLED display, alarm clock functionality, a RF remote, an eDock for charging and playing your iPod, a solid wood casing with a metallic exterior lacquer, a brushed aluminum front control, and a three-inch full range speaker. Whether or not that's worth 6 Benjamins is up to you.

  • PVC Pipe Speakers

    We've installed a subwoofer in a bucket before, but it would take a little more ingenuity to come up with these. PVC Pipe Speakers ($200) are handmade by Chicago-based ikymagoo, and feature 3-inch magnesium/aluminum alloy full range drivers, a bass port on the end of the pipe/stand, three-way binding posts on the back, and a hand-painted high gloss lacquer finish. Unfortunately, they aren't powered, so you're going to need your own amp if you want to do more than just look at them. [via]

  • Pioneer Pure Malt Speakers

    Most of the time when booze is introduced to the gadget manufacturing process, disaster results. Not so with these Pioneer Pure Malt Speakers ($600/pair). Built using solid oak repurposed from old whiskey barrels, the Pure Malts have a smooth, mellow tone and produce detailed, room filling sound that belies their smallish bookshelf-friendly size. For maximum enjoyment, listen to them while sipping on an actual glass of whiskey, and soak in the metaness. [Thanks, Joe]

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