Miniot Wheel Turntable

Reducing the turntable to its most basic elements, the Miniot Wheel Turntable cleverly hides its components behind the record itself. An electronically-stabilized belt drive spins the heavy aluminum platter at a perfect 33.3 rpm, while the outer ring secures the record and eliminates resonance. The tonearm, modified AT95E cartridge, drive, amp, and electronics sit in a vibration-isolated block inside a cavity in the platter, and it's all controlled by the center stick. A wood base in walnut, cherry, or mahogany gives the minimal design an added bit of finish. Made in Holland.

  • Ballfinger Reel-To-Reel Tape Player

    With a classic design that's as timeless as it is technical, the Ballfinger Reel-To-Reel Tape Player is the ideal tool for enjoying esoteric recordings. The controls on the left-hand side of its hefty aluminum chassis are for playback, while those on the right handle recording. It's compatible with rolls up to 30mm in size, can be operated vertically or horizontally, and thanks to the ultra-precise digital counter on the front, you'll know the elapsed time down to the hundredth of a second.

  • Cinder Speakers

    You can do a lot of things with cinder blocks, but creating a set of speakers is one of the less obvious options. Cinder Speakers are a development from Daniel Ballou and Dashdot that turns simple cinder blocks into high fidelity speakers. It turns out that concrete is a low resonance material that minimizes vibrations and reduces coloration of the sound delivered by the drivers. They ship pre-assembled and pre-wired, including a 5" driver, tweeter, crossover, and input jack. Of course, they are heavy, but once set up are able to create an impressive sound given the rudimentary components.

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