Minty Geek

So let's say that you actually do like to tinker with electronics — if you're looking for a place to start, Minty Geek ($40) is as good as any. Taking its inspiration from the venerable Altoids tin, this pint-sized electronics lab includes a tray insert, linking wires, a 9V battery connector, a light-dependent resistor, a variable resistor, a breadboard, a capacitor, a relay, a switch, a speaker, and various transistors, resistors, and LEDs. Also offered is the Astronomer's Torch Kit ($30), shown above.

  • Leather 6-Pack Carton

    Tote your favorite brews in style in this Leather 6-Pack Carton ($65). Designed to work in conjunction with the company's Bike 6-Pack Holder, this reusable carton is made to order using black or brown leather — riveted together and riveted to a central masonite handle — offers enough room for a wide variety of beer bottle sizes, and sure beats carrying around your drinks in a plastic bag, otherwise known as a "hillbilly cooler". [Scouted by Adrian]

  • Yamaha THR Amps

    Just because you play guitar doesn't mean your den, office, or man cave needs to look like a stage. The new line of Yamaha THR Amps ($TBA) offers fantastic tone and versatility in small, decor-friendly packages. Powered by Yamaha's VCM technology, each THR offers multiple amp styles — including clean, crunch, and modern — in a single package, as well as USB connectivity, included Cubase AI software, and the ability to run off AC or battery power. Arriving this January.

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