Misfit Bolt Smart Bulb

All LED bulbs are "smart" in terms of energy savings and life span, but few can rival the features offered by the Misfit Bolt Smart Bulb. It provides a warm white light out of the box, and using proprietary color-mixing technology offers millions of color combinations that shine evenly through the light-diffusing glass dome. The aluminum body that doubles as a heat sink, it's compatible with standard sockets, and it can work entirely on its own — no hub required. You can control it from the Misfit Home app or using a Logitech Harmony Home remote, and it'll even work in conjunction with the company's Shine, Flash, and Beddit sensors to help wake you up at the appropriate time.

  • WakaWaka Solar Lamp

    For most, it's easy to take light for granted, until that light goes out. That's where the WakaWaka Solar Lamp comes in, shining bright when all else fails. This personal solar lamp is sleek and simple, with no need to connect to any wires thanks to the solar replenished, long lasting, rechargeable batteries. A full battery provides no less than 16 hours of reading light on less than a full day of sunlight — making it ideal for your next camping trip, a weekend at the cabin, or when your power goes out.

  • Eton Blackout Buddy H2O

    Yes, candles and flashlights can provide light during an emergency — but candles can be fire hazards, and flashlights require you to make sure their batteries are fresh. The Eton Blackout Buddy H2O eliminates both these problems by providing lighting using nothing but water. Thanks to a Magnesium-oxide battery module, this compact light can run for up to 72 hours just by placing it in a small cup of water and adding a little more liquid once a day. And if you can't find water during an emergency, well, odds are you have bigger problems than a lack of lighting.

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