Misfit Specter Activity Tracking Headphones

Many of us wear headphones for a good portion of the day. So why not have them do more than just play music? Leveraging the tech used in the company's more traditional wearables, Misfit Specter Activity Tracking Headphones keep tabs on your steps, distance covered, calories, and sleep duration/quality, all while pulling double-duty as personal speakers. Despite their expanded functionality, they don't skimp on the sound, with dual drivers for richer, clearer audio, noise isolation technology to keep external sounds at bay, and multiple microphones to eliminate ambient noise when talking on the phone.

  • Sennheiser Orpheus Headphones

    In 1991, Sennheiser released the original Orpheus. At the time, they were claimed to be the best headphones ever made. The new Sennheiser Orpheus Headphones bring back the nameplate and the world-beating performance. The electrostatic headphones are designed to work with the included tube amplifier and DAC to deliver unrivaled sonic reproduction, with the amp seated in a glass housing, on a solid block of Carrara marble, and using four channels in parallel for both the right and left side for increased accuracy. To further reduce distortion, the headphones have a pair of Cool Class A MOSFET amps integrated into the ear cups to eliminate the reactance of the cable and deliver a dynamic range of 8 Hz to more than 100 kHz, as well as the lowest distortion ever measured in a sound reproduction system.

  • Bose QuietComfort 25 Triple Black Headphones

    Pioneers in the world of clean, quality sound, it's easy to trust Bose when it comes to headphones, especially these QuietComfort 25 Triple Black Headphones. This special edition was customized just for Apple devices, with a triple black look and all the same amenities that make the QuietComfort special. The lightweight, comfortable headphones sit snugly on your head, while the noise cancellation function monitors the noise around you and drowns it out to let you fully experience the deep, crisp sounds of your music collection.

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