Mission Power Grip & Court Grip

Mission Power Grip & Court Grip

Forget LeBron's pre-game chalk toss — if you really want to increase your grip on the ball and the floor, you want Mission Power Grip & Court Grip ($10-$15). Power Grip — made for your hands — uses "liquid chalk technology" to provide excellent dry grip that lasts the whole game, while the Dwayne Wade-endorsed Court Grip brings similar stickiness to the bottom of your sneaks.

  • Hela Disc

    Sometimes the best inventions come from unintended discovery — like how a piece of scrap cardboard tossed across a room became the basis for the Hela Disc ($19). Using a new aerodynamic technology called FlexFoil that allows the disc to change shape during flight, the Hela Disc can travel over distances of up to 300 feet depending on the skill of the thrower, can stare down 15mph gusts, and offers micro edge molding on the grippy, weighted ends for added accuracy.

  • James Perse Yosemite Paddle Boards

    Named after California's famed National Park, these James Perse Yosemite Paddle Boards ($TBA) are perfect for exploring the waters and waves of the Golden State's southern shores. They're hand crafted, measure in a 11 feet three inches, feature simple, timeless designs, and come with a matching handmade wood paddle with a matte finish and carbon fiber-reinforced grip.

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