As our summers get hotter, our air conditioners have to work harder. The Mistbox is here to help. It attaches to your outdoor unit and automatically knows when your A/C kicks on, spraying a fine mist that cools the incoming air, so your unit doesn't have to work as hard or run as long. It's simple to install, with just a few necessary pieces and connections, and it uses a wind turbine mounted on top to generate power and charge the battery — after all, there's no sense in lowering your A/C bill with another gadget that's eating up electricity itself. You can pay for the hardware with a monthly subscription that includes unlimited replacement water filters, or buy it up front and pay less per month.

  • Nest Thermostat

    Now on its third generation, the Nest Thermostat isn't the only smart thermostat around anymore — but it's still one of the best. The latest model has a screen that's higher-res and 40 percent larger than the 2nd-gen, a fact that's put to full advantage by Farsight, a feature that displays the target temperature or time in large, easily-readable type when you walk in the room. It's thinner, too, still integrates well with the company's smoke/CO2 detector and cameras, and can now sense problems with your furnace ahead of time, so you're not left with an outrageous maintenance bill, or worse, a non-functioning heater.

  • Big Ass Fans Haiku SenseMe Smart Fan

    With warmer weather just around the corner, it's time to re-evaluate your ceiling fan situation. Haiku with SenseME from Big Ass Fans is the world's first smart fan, with on-board sensors and microprocessors that monitor room conditions and occupancy so the fan can adjust automatically as conditions change. Haiku can reduce utility bills on its own, but it also works with the Nest Learning Thermostat to make saving even easier--and just like Nest, the fan learns your preferences and adjusts on the fly. It can even connect with UP by Jawbone fitness trackers to make your bedroom more comfortable for a better night's sleep. The sleek, minimalist fan is controlled by something we all have--a smartphone--so you can say goodbye to clunky pull chains and wobbly, ugly ceiling fans and hello to the future.

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